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Unknown holiday-movie 014

Published 1930

We got this movie anonymous and sent in a box by mail.
It is a homemovie, probably recorded in de 30's from the last century.
We don't know were it was filmed or what it is.
Please put your comments to solve this mystery.

If you have movies to digitize and you want to give them away to us, please sent it to:

p/o-box 414
The Netherlands

If we have the time available, we digitize them

Run time 7:51
Production Company Filmcollectief
Audio/Visual no sound, black & white


Credits goes to Cor Draijer from Filmcollectief for digitizing and uploading this film


Reviewer: wietdapp - - June 15, 2011
Subject: Excelsior
I recognized the place immediately. Het is hotel Excelsior(of restaurant L'Europe) ingang Doelenstraat, vlak bij de Munt. Als je richting brug inzoomed, zie je de Vroom & Dreesmann hoek Rokin en Munt. Aan de kleding en vrolijke gezichten te zien heeft men zojuist een huwelijk gevierd in het restaurant. Vermoed eind jaren '30. (auto's) Ik weet het niet absoluut zeker maar vermoed wel dat al deze feestelijk geklede mensen een paar jaar later door de Nieuwe Overheid zijn gedeporteerd en ergens in Oost-Europa zijn vermoord. U kreeg deze film anoniem opgestuurd?
Reviewer: Filmcollective Worldwide - - January 26, 2011
Subject: Licenseplates in The Netherlands
From 1906 a new licenseplate system was used in Holland. The driver needed a driverslicense and a licenseplate including documents (for "insurance" but it is of course tax and to catch you easily when you drive a few miles too hard on the highway to sent easily the speedingtickets to your house-adress but that is another discussion) These licenseplate documents were given by each Province of Holland. Because of that, every licenseplate started with one or two letters to pinpoint to a certain province. The uses codes were the following:

A : Groningen
B : Friesland
D : Drenthe
E : Overijssel
G, GZ, GX : Noord-Holland
H, HZ, HX : Zuid-Holland
K : Zeeland
L : Utrecht
M : Gelderland
N : Noord-Brabant
P : Limburg
R : Departments

As we have received the film from someone inside the Netherlands, I think that in this case it is the Province of North-Holland and not England. But thanks anyway for your suggestion, it is goed to know that there are licenseplates in other countries with the same combination.
Reviewer: silents_are_golden - - January 26, 2011
Subject: Registration Tags
One of the scenes in this film shows a UK registration tag with the prefix 'GZ'. This would indicate that its a Northern Ireland tag. Could be Belfast?